P.P.S. So, let’s have a look at what a MESS all these variables can create. /* ]]> */ Again, cultural identity does not always match up with current political boundaries. ARCHIVI STORICI DEL TRENTINO website. var monsterinsights_frontend = {"js_events_tracking":"true","download_extensions":"doc,pdf,ppt,zip,xls,docx,pptx,xlsx","inbound_paths":"[{\"path\":\"\\\/go\\\/\",\"label\":\"affiliate\"},{\"path\":\"\\\/recommend\\\/\",\"label\":\"affiliate\"}]","home_url":"https:\/\/www.crackrivista.it","hash_tracking":"false"}; Hold this list in your mind’s eye, as we’ll come back to it shortly. Elastici sull’arco per il potenziamento . Se pratichi uno sport, inventa nomignoli cool per tutti i membri della squadra ispirandoti ai loro punti di forza. Today, we move forward in the book (and in time) to pages 46-58, where Bertoluzza discusses various surveys that were carried out by the civil authorities of Trento in the 19th century. a ‘patriarch’). ‘Stranieri’ could be a long-term label, linked to ethnicity. And, yes, in Italy in you can obtain civil records from the registry office in your ancestors’ comuni – but only from the 19th century onwards. for the soprannome, preferring simply to write the two names one after the other. But I’ve learned over the years that ‘most likely’ isn’t always ‘true’. View the Santa Croce del Bleggio Family Tree on Ancestry: As discussed in my article Ethnicity Vs. Il soprannome dovrebbe essere accattivante e divertente. It his book Guida ai Cognomi del Trentino, Aldo Bertoluzza stressed that the surnames/soprannomi derived from this word were most likely used to describe someone with black hair or very dark complexion, NOT someone who had Moorish background. The word ‘papi’ is the plural of the word for ‘pope’ (papa), not to be confused with the word papà, which means ‘father’. Well, first of all, you probably started renaming the documents, so you knew what was what. Cescolini is still in existence in Cloz today, with a few branches having settled in other nearby parishes in Val di Non. padding: 0 !important; Rather, as Aldo Bertoluzza theorises in Guida ai Cognomi del Trentino, it might have been used as a nickname for a man (again, perhaps in an affectionate way) who was said to have the demeanour or ‘presence’ of a pope. The earliest surviving parish record in Cloz with this surname is for the baptism of a Michele Zembrino, son of Romedio and Pasqua, dated 17 July 1599: We see children of the same couple in later years, where the surname is also found spelled ‘Zembrin’. In the first article of this special series on the valleys, parishes and parish registers for the province of Trento, we looked how the province of Trento (aka Trentino) and the diocese of Trento were organised, and how those levels of organisation differ. based on the name of a patriarch or matriarch), there are many other surnames based on this root ‘Bett-’. This is because each valley is like a container of a unique subculture, illustrated by their local languages, names and customs. Judicaria, January-April 1993, n. 22. p 8-46. Either way, the sound of the name certainly leads me to think it has a Germanic origin. His new bride was the heiress of Castel Malgolo, and the couple settled there. Just as their claim to Spanish origins cannot be documented, there is also no ‘paper trail’ to confirm the nobility of the Betta family dated back to the time of the Caesars. And for the Trentino genealogist, ‘province’ in our case is synonymous with ‘diocese’ in terms of where we will want to look for vital records. Trento: Tipografia Editrice Temi (S.R.L.). For example, one of my clients’ trees had the soprannome ‘Massenza’ because that was the name of one of the matriarchs for that line back in the 1700s. To be honest, I can’t predict exactly what it’s all going to look like. Now extinct in Cloz (although I did find ONE family with this surname currently in Rovereto), the surname appears in the Cloz records in the early 1620s. People create, respond to, adapt to and change everything within the other three lenses. gtag('config', 'UA-130697037-1'); Alcuni dei soprannomi che ricordo del 76. Whatever the linguistic origin, the surname is extremely old, appearing in notary records as far back as 1289. 2 Crea un soprannome cool usando le tue iniziali I romanzi appartenenti al genere fantastico, che comprende fantascienza e fantasy, sono in aumento negli ultimi anni. Lynn will give you a broad overview of how the parish has evolved over the centuries, what kinds of records are available for research, and where you might experience gaps in those records. But most of all, I hope you'll be able to feel what I felt when I walked the same streets and visited the same houses my ancestors would have seen (and possibly lived in) over 400 years ago. This meant that my dad had been known by the surname Serafini until he was in his late teens, but (for reasons unknown) he chose not to tell me. Quali sono i soprannomi granata che vi piacciono di più? Many surnames – especially those in more remote rural areas – are derived from the names of places OR the other way around. You might not even have given it a title, just calling it something like ‘Document 1.’. I cannot help but feel that this 1975 publication was a precursor to Bertoluzza’s ‘bible’ of surnames, Guida ai Cognomi del Trentino, which he published in 1998. 2003. Having a solid understanding of the names of Trentino is crucial to constructing an accurate picture of your family history. Today, I’d like to continue our exploration of the city of Trento by leaping forward a few centuries to the 1800s. Many family historians become disproportionately focused on the ‘people’ lens, often at a somewhat ‘micro’ level. Apparently, only one Parolari family remains in Cloz today. RIDDLE 1: How did some people become 'nobility' in Trentino? He admits that he didn’t know whether the Betta of Stenico came from the Betta of Rovereto, or one the Nones families. It is already understood that she would possibly have been known by her husband’s surname if she lived in the US or UK. For example, the name Daldos might show up as Dal Dos or Dal Doss. Even after modern surnames began to “stick”, there was no concept of standardised spelling until relatively recently. Era grande amico di Samuel Taylor Coleridge, che incontrò durante i primi anni di scuola. @media screen and ( max-width: 550px ) { From the floors in the Duomo of San Vigilio, to those in the magnificent Castello del Buonconsiglio, to the city streets themselves, to the ‘Tre Portoni’ archways leading to Palazzo delle Albere, you will see these pink and white stones everywhere. That is to say, they tend to collect names, dates, and other facts about of specific families (usually their own) without giving a great deal of attention to the multidimensional context in when those people lived. While most of these are also surnames in their own right, you will also see them crop up as soprannomi, telling you that, at least at some point in your family’s history, the blacksmithing was the family occupation. And, as mentioned, the husbands’ surnames stay with the husbands, not the wife. This stemma also appears on the façade of the palazzo in Rovereto that bears their name (see title image at the top of this article). Hope you enjoy it. display: inline !important; They can tell us things like the name of an ancient patriarch, a family occupation, a physical characteristic, or a place from which the family may have come. Three on the above list are specifically said to come from villages that lie on the outskirts of the city of Trento, and which are today included as part of the greater municipality of the city. When making a tree for a client last year whose ancestors came from Tione di Trento, I noticed one of the soprannomi for the surname Salvaterra was ‘Ragol’. necessary: {} From these, we can get a snapshot of family groups and their neighbourhoods, often learning names, ages, places of birth, occupation, date of immigration (especially in US docs), etc. On the cover of volume 3, it says you will find the baptisms from 1811-1816 in the marriage protocol. } Traditionally, the Betta were a family of notaries. In that article, we looked at Bertoluzza’s analysis of the 1577 document called ‘Libro della Cittadinanza di Trento’. ALL of these sources are written in either Latin or Italian, so anything you read here will be my own translations of the original texts. Mechanical, wind-up, singing and dancing marmots - an Italian, accordion playing marmot and a German beer-drinking marmot. While I haven’t yet traced it back to its source, it is highly likely to have originated with female who came from the nearby village of Ragoli, which was often included within the parish of Tione in the past. Also, if you wanted (and if you knew enough information), you could write some notes about the historical origins of the soprannome in the notes for that fact in Family Tree Marker…. What professions no longer exist? So, even if you want don’t read every word of this introductory article, I humbly ask that you to get a feeling for where I will be going from here. return []; Then, the valleys are numbered from 1-22: Anzilotti then works through these areas, listing all the inhabited places found within each, down to the smallest homestead. Finally, in the year 1890, we begin to see some more rigorous statistics – and useful information for genealogical research. The German root of the name is ‘weg’ which means ‘way’ (as in a path or road). 4. Upon Garcia’s imprisonment, fearing they would be tried as traitors (and probably executed) by the new leaders, the Betta fled their native homeland taking refuge in Trentino. The earliest Betta notary he lists is Antonio Betta of Tierno in Val Lagarina, who appears in records as early as 1460, where he is described as ‘Antonio, son of the late Giovanni, son of the late Guglielmo Betta of Tierno’. Only a handful of extended families would have been living in each frazione. The Italian word for surname is ‘cognome’ (plural = cognomi): When the words are joined together, the ‘n’ in ‘con’ is changed to a ‘g’, which creates the sound ‘nya’ (like the ‘gn’ ‘lasagne’). There is also a name ‘Taialargo’ that appears frequently in the early Cloz records, but then went extinct. } Because of the insular nature of these valleys, many surnames will indigenous to one valley. When Romeo was not quite 3 years old, he, his mother, aunt and sisters, left their home to join Romeo’s father in Brandy Camp, Pennsylvania in the United States. __gaTracker('require', 'linkid', 'linkid.js'); In my research, I have identified these Rauzi whose occupations were of particular interest. Like the State, the Church also has a hierarchical structure overseeing the administrative and spiritual needs of its congregations. In the case of the Rizzi from Cloz, however, we at least know their point of entry. Who You Are Vs. What They SAY You Are, Why DNA Tests Are NO Substitute for Genealogical Research, DNA Tests, Genealogy, Ethnicity and Cultural Identity, How Cemeteries Can Help Grow Your Family Tree, Keeping Our Ancestors Alive: Reflections on the Day of the Dead, Genealogical Breadcrumbs: Notes, Sources & Reviewing Research, How the WRONG Information Ends Up in Your Family Tree, What Our Ancestors’ Deaths Can Teach Us About Their Lives, Guide to Genealogical Research at the Archdiocese of Trento, Preparing for Research: Using Microfilms for Family History, Searching Online for 19th & 20th Century Trentini Ancestors, Parishes, Parish Records & Genealogy Resources for Trentino, The Science of Finding Your Female Ancestors from Trentino. RIDDLE 2: What kinds of things can we discover about our noble ancestors? But even when working solely within Italianate surnames, there are a number of permutations you are likely to see from one record to another: These permutations in older records do NOT signify a different surname as they might today. Riuscire a evitare la sua difesa era materia da giocatori esperti. Here are a few he mentions: We all like a little bit of ‘glamour’ in our family history. width:100%; consenttype: "explicit", Whatever its origins, the name dates back at least half a millennium in Cloz. Their names might change slightly (as is normal for anything linguistic over time), and they are also likely to have local dialect variants. Both Papa and Papi are surnames in other parts of the province, but the soprannome MIGHT have no connection with these. CROLLALANZA (di), G.B. 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That book has long been my ‘go to’ source of information on the history and evolution of Trentino surnames. In my own research, I have found many members of the Franch family were surgeons, the earliest being Adamo Franch (son of Antonio), who was born 6 Oct 1662, and died sometime before April 1732. By the 19th century, it also appears in Rovereto. But gradually, and additional outbreaks of plague notwithstanding, the population not only restored itself, but eventually expanded by the 1600s. Welcome to Trentino Genealogy by Lynn Serafinn, All'estero (outside of province) births, marriages and deaths: 1845-1923, Maderno; Martignano; Tavernaro; Villamontagna, Mattarello di Sopra; Mattarelli di Sotto; Acquaviva; Novaline; Palazzi; Ronchi; Valsorda, Vigo Meano; Camparta Bassa; Cirocolo; Cortesano; Gorghe; Gazzadina; San Lazzaro, Casotti di Povo; Celva; Dosso Moronari; Mesiano; Oltrecastello; Pante'; Ponte Alto; Sale'; Spre', Trento (presumably, within the city walls), Trentino Genealogy – La Genealogia del Trentino, Founded by genealogist Lynn Serafinn, this is a special community for people who are researching their Trentino family history, to enable us to connec…, In the presence of Antonio, son of the late Francesco, Although Casetti says the parish of Cloz has 7 volumes of baptisms starting in 1565, on LDS microfilm (and digital format in Trento) there are actually 6 registers, plus an additional BDM from. While a cursory glance over our two lists of valley vs. deaneries, we can see many names (e.g. Because it is so old and so common, trying to draw a straight line to its point of origin is probably next to impossible. If you continue to use this site we will assume you are happy with it. http://facebook.com/groups/TrentinoGenealogy, https://trentinogenealogy.com/2018/05/trentino-ancestor-notary/, http://www.db.ofmtn.pcn.net/ofmtn/files/biblioteca/Notai.pdf, http://www.db.ofmtn.pcn.net/ofmtn/files/biblioteca/Preti-Indice-Preti.pdf, CLOZ in Val di Non: History, Parish Records, Local Surnames, The latest population statistics for Cloz, investiture of tithes from Prince Bishop Giorgio Hack, 15 May 1447, Last Will and Testament of Guglielmo ‘called ‘Floreta’ of Cloz, Not Just a Nickname: Understanding Your Family Soprannome’, set of judicial documents drafted between 1531-1542, https://www.cultura.trentino.it/archivistorici/unita/3562058, https://www.cultura.trentino.it/archivistorici/unita/1483883, https://www.cultura.trentino.it/archivistorici/unita/1483873, https://www.cultura.trentino.it/archivistorici/unita/49780, https://trentinogenealogy.com/2019/10/nickname-soprannome-soprannomi/, https://www.trentino.com/en/trentino/val-di-non/novella/cloz/, https://www.tuttitalia.it/trentino-alto-adige/34-cloz/statistiche/popolazione-andamento-demografico/, https://trentinogenealogy.com/2020/04/trento-city-surnames-1600/, Trento – The City and Surnames Before the Year 1600, https://trentinogenealogy.com/2020/01/trentino-valley-parishes-guide/, article published in Journal of Maps in 2018, https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17445647.2018.1531074. A demographic overview of the city of Trento in 19, Although the survey counted all the residents, the. Contrada Mursia Pantelleria, Thus, the word ‘Wegher’ (the ‘h’ is added to preserve the hard ‘g’) could mean ‘someone how lives by or who comes from the path/road’. 7 anni fa. MESSAGE TO ADVANCED RESEARCHERS: Article 1 in this series is, by necessity, going to cover some basics, which some of you with more experience and knowledge are likely to want to ‘skim’. Despite the fact that EVERY family of Italian origin has a soprannome, many people researching their Trentino (or other Italian) ancestry either don’t know anything about them or fail to recognise them when they see them. Unless you are aware of these shifts from soprannome to surname, it can seem like your ancestral family has vanished into dust when you are trying to trace them backwards. Sadly, the original intention of the book itself appears to have had a limited impact, as it was not used as fastidiously as the Consuls had mandated. As this subject is such an important part of Trentino genealogy, I thought it would be helpful to devote an entire article to the subject. The earliest surviving parish record I have found with this surname is the baptismal record of Maddalena, daughter of Giovanni Pietro ‘Calovino’ and his wife Cattarina, dated 31 March 1599. Stemmi e Notizie di Famiglie Trentine. Perhaps not as funny as the 'Marmot Scream' video, but I still think it's pretty funny. 1961. Vita. Within the province of Trentino, the surname it is most commonly found in Tione and Arco. «L'intelligenza, la simpatia di un popolo, di una città, della sua gente, si misura dalla capacità e voglia di amare la propria storia, di conoscerne gli usi e i costumi. RIDDLE: What centuries-old mystical legends are still told about the discovery of a 'miraculous cross' on top of a mountain? It isn’t just about where things are, but how they are divvied up, what they are called and who has ‘dominion’ over them. I’ve already mentioned Bonifacio Betta’s son Giovanni (1499-1565), who served as the Bishop of Trieste. Similarly, my own Serafini branch has the soprannome ‘Cenighi’ because my 4X great-grandmother, Margherita Giuliani (married to a Serafini in Santa Croce parish), came from the frazione of Ceniga in the parish of Drò (near Arco). #fca_eoi_form_1218 .fca_eoi_layout_2.fca_eoi_layout_postbox div.fca_eoi_layout_name_field_wrapper { The history for one particular surname – Betta – became so substantial, I thought it deserved to be shared in a blog post, especially as this surname crosses over into many other parts of the province. In those places, when professions are listed, they nearly always say ‘contadino’ (feminine = contadina), meaning a subsistence farmer. Bertoluzza says Cescolini is cognate with the surname Ceschi, and that they were both derived from the name ‘Cesco’, which is an affectionate nickname for Francesco. I keep it as a ‘general task’ in my Family Tree Maker programme, and refer to it frequently. if ( mi_track_user ) { } Although sites like Ancestry and programmes like Family Tree Maker don’t have a ‘soprannome’ in their default settings, it is possible to create a ‘custom fact’ (in Family Tree Maker) or ‘custom event’ (in Ancestry) and label it ‘soprannome’. Different valleys often have different dialects. Using Clues in the Records You DO Have Derived from the name ‘Isepo’ or ‘Josep’ (Joseph or Giuseppe), I normally associate this surname with the village of Ruffré, which was long part of the parish of Sarnonico. I’ll use my father’s eldest sister as an example (both she and my dad are deceased): Using the ‘quotation mark’ and ‘parentheses’ methods, and inserting her married surnames, my poor aunt’s name might end up looking like this: Pierina Luigia “Gina” (Jean Serafinn) “Jeannie” Serafini “Cenighi” Graiff Watson. }; Here's a short video I made where I show the town, the Serafini ancestral house (modernised) and a rare walk-through of an old-style mountain house that is very much the way it was 100 years ago (well...maybe a little messier!). Riccardiano. Recently I stumbled across the soprannome ‘Piccolo Vigiloti’, which suddenly cropped up after several generations of seeing ‘Vigilot’. Again, this is just speculation, as I don’t have enough evidence at this time. Accessed 31 August 2020 from https://www.trentino.com/en/trentino/val-di-non/novella/cloz/, TUTTI ITALIA website. Elezioni di arbitri.